FI Beteiligungs- und Finanzierungs GmbH is a holding company with an interest of 45,3 % in the F-Energies GmbH.
Beside that FI  holds minor shares of companies in the sector of automation and electronic engineering.


The sole manager is due to his years of experience in this field an expert in the energy sector, Mr. Gilbert Frizberg. Besides his role as manager of F-Energies GmbH, as well as chairman of the advisory board of enso hydro GmbH, he also had following functions:

2007 - 2017

Chairman of supervisory board of Verbund AG,
prior to that 7 years Vice President of the board

since 2000

Member of the board of Verbund AG

2005 - 2010

Chairman of supervisory board of ICS (Internationalisierungscenter Steiermark GmbH)

1998 - 2008

Vice president of Chamber of Commerce Styria

1996 - 1997

Vice president VEÖ (Association of Austrian Electricity Companies)

1984 - 1997

Member of main committee of Verband der Elektrizitätswerke Österreichs (VEÖ)

1991 - 1994

Member of regional Parliament of Styria (amongst others Speaker of Industry, Finance and Budget and Europe

1984 - 1991

Member of Austrian Parliament, amongst others Speaker of Energy

1983 -

Member of the board of IV (Industriellenvereinigung) and IV Landesgruppe Styria